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My first study of yoga was about healing after a period of treatment in the Northlands Centre, Derry (Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre) in July 2002. Mary Cooley suggested yoga as part of my recovery programme while in the Northlands and my first yoga instructor, Majella McIntyre, encouraged me to take the teacher training - both helped me a lot and I remain extremely grateful to them.

Addiction left me mentally, physically and emotionally bankrupt, but after just one month of practising Hatha yoga I began to notice positive changes in my own well-being. I felt better physically and began to feel calmer emotionally, with mental clarity and I began to acknowledge the feeling of a spiritual presence within my life.

I have been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and I am learning everyday from the people who come to my classes. Since becoming a Yoga teacher, there are two people who have inspired me so much, Michael McCann a philosophy teacher and Sean O'Tuathalain, my own Yoga teacher.

For me teaching yoga is a personal methodology which has proved extremely successful. Two things I always apply in teaching others are consistency and creativity. I encourage people to explore their boundaries and capabilities as I firmly believe consistency is the most productive way to work through many of life's difficulties.

John Bell

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Yoga means "Union of the mind, Body and Spirit" and it has granted me well-being, gratitude, patience, inner strength and, most of all, peace of mind.