A Word from John.. ” My first study of yoga was about healing after a period of treatment in the Northlands Centre, Derry (Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre) in July 2002. Mary Cooley suggested yoga as part of my recovery


Personalised Practice Focused practice for small groups of up to six people at a location of your choice is now available. All levels welcome. If you’d like to enhance the sense of health and wellbeing within your family or place


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Welcome to Santosha ; John Bell Yoga.

Santosha Yoga Studio is owned and run by professionally accredited Senior Yoga instructor John Bell, who has been teaching for over 15 years. John has provided yoga instruction focusing on acceptance and relaxation to people from all walks of life, ages, abilities and backgrounds with a core ethic of consistency and creativity. Encouraging others to explore their boundaries and capabilities as a productive way to work through many of life's difficulties to a place of restoration and development of inner peace.

New for 2022: The John Bell Yoga Online Community

The past few months have shown that online video can be a valuable addition to our yoga practice

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Santosha Studio

Santosha in Sanksrit literally means ‘Contentment’ which is perfect description how you’ll feel in our fully equipped spacious professional studio . A true Oasis of peace where you can come and let go, practice acceptance and gratitude, you are welcome to come and experience the peaceful welcoming atmosphere and experience calm.

Reviews and Testimonials

From the moment I walked into Johns studio this time last year, I knew I had found my spiritual home. It is a joy to learn from John and I have made more progress in the last year, in both mind and body, than years of practicing in London. I have met some truly wonderful people at the Santosha studio; we are all taught to practice with a beginners mind, no room for ego, only humour and humility. John Bell is one in a million.

Aine McDaid

Teacher Training Opportunities!

Do You Want to Add to People’s Lives?

If you’re thinking about Yoga teacher training and would like to know more about structuring and developing your own abilities whilst providing a great and fulfilling  teaching experience to others ; read more here..


Have been attending Restorative Yoga classes for the last month now.. John has been a great teacher and has so much patience with me and his knowledge is second to none. These classes are so relaxing and a reminder that we need to look after ourselves. They are now a vital part of my recovery from a serious illness. Thank you JB and for my wonderful friend for introducing me to the power of RY

Helena Lamrock