How you really doing?

As the health crisis continues to roll through our everyday, two things are clear:

  • Social connections and community are more important than ever
  • To stay strong, we must move our bodies

Classes at Santosha

For many people, the idea of coming back to the studio remains difficult. Honestly, I understand. So much is unknown about the virus.

The past few months have shown that online video can be a valuable addition to our yoga practice. So, I’m going to try a wee experiment 😊

From September 7, I will begin streaming selected classes live to my website. For those that feel uncomfortable in the studio environment, or simply cannot make it, this will allow you to see and hear what’s happening at Santosha. Then, if you feel up to it, you can follow along, carefully!

How does it work?

The Santosha class will take place as normal, but I’ll be tweaking the format. There will be a second mat beside me and I’ll be working with some of our advanced practitioners who will provide a demonstration of each pose.

The online video will focus on the demonstration… two mats at the front of the studio. As much as possible, visibility of the rest of the class will be limited. In this way, the privacy (see below) of the in-person class is protected and I can highlight important characteristics of each pose. It’s a win-win 😉


The only catch for the online practitioner is that I will not be able to offer adjustments. So, if you would like to follow along, it will be really important to listen to your body and not go to places where you’re not ready.

Online Community

I’m also developing an exclusive online community for all our yoga practitioners – it doesn’t matter what level you’re at. Within the community, we can safely share practice tips and advice to assist you in your yoga practice.

Most importantly, it keeps us all connected in a way that is difficult on other platforms.

The community is by invite only, so I’ll need some details from you. Please see the form below.


As mentioned, the online video stream will focus on the front of the studio space – it will primarily be me and the demonstration mat. I will advise the best places to set your mat should you prefer not to be (inadvertently) captured on camera. Even so, the video stream will not be available publicly. You will only be able to access the live video via the online community.


As always, classes are 1.5 hours in duration and I will be providing online access to six classes per week. That’s 24 classes per month, or 36 hours of practice.

To keep things simple, for everyone, online classes will be available by monthly subscription only. The subscription will provide access to all online classes for the month and cost just £36.50

Access details will be forwarded to you on confirmation of subscription.


Please use the PayPal button below to subscribe to Santosha Online 😃

Let me know what you think…

Long story short, I’m really excited to be launching two new developments from September.

  1. A live video stream of selected classes from Santosha.
  2. An online yoga community.

If you’re interested in joining the online classes, please let me know using the form below. I need a few details from you to get the technical side of things up and running.

For the online community, I really hope it can become a valuable support. If you’d like to join straight away, or have any other thoughts or queries, please let me know via the form 🙏