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2020 Timetable

Please find below the current schedule of classes at Santosha. I look forward to seeing you!

Monday1730 – Introduction to Yoga (S)1930 – Strong Pilates
Tuesday0930 – Strong Practice (S)1800 – Strong Practice (S)
Wednesday1000 – Restorative Yoga1800 – Introduction to Yoga (S)
Thursday1000 – Strong Practice (S)1800 – Introduction to Yoga (S)
Friday1800 – Restorative Yoga
Saturday1000 – Moon Sequence

(S) = Streamed class available to subscribers.


With the exception of Monday’s Strong Pilates (1 hour), all classes are 1.5 hours in duration


The cost is £10 per class.


Due to social distancing measures, booking is necessary. The maximum number per class is 16.