Fully Accredited Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in taking the next step in your yoga journey?

Are you interested in deepening your own and others yoga practice?

Do you want to teach yoga, safely, with confidence and passion?

This comprehensive and professional yoga teacher training course will give you an experiential understanding of yoga and equip you to teach yoga, creatively confidently and safely, with compassion and awareness.  It will provide a safe, nurturing and joyful environment in which to evolve your understanding of Yoga and its teaching.  

This course will strip your yoga asana practice back to basics so you can learn to build a strong foundation for yourself and for your students.

This foundation is based on developing strength, suppleness, stamina and sensitivity, with relaxation being the master key to gain these qualities.

This comprehensive course harmoniously integrates the living principles of yoga throughout all its modules so participants learn traditional yoga principles as well as developing more self- awareness.

As well as developing skills which you can use to create a new career or supplement an existing one, this course will also suit students who are interested in learning and growing more, through their love and interest in yoga.

This course takes you deeper into the joy of self-discovery that yoga provides bringing more gratitude, passion and emotional content into your life as you grow as an individual and along with the other participants on the course.

 Throughout the course you will be consistently challenges, encouraged and guided to develop the skills and experience needed to be a professional and creative yoga


Some Course Feedback

I have just completed my yoga teacher training course. We had 15 weekends over a year . John Bell our teacher was very good, he put his heart and soul into the course. He took a personal interest in each of us (19) and I never felt unsupported. He had a really good well chosen team supporting him on the course. We all worked very well as a group, thanks to John. I feel I have made great advances in my practice and knowledge of yoga and I look forward to teaching my own class.

A Satisfied Student, Class of 2018.